Availability tests let you ascertain service availability and accessibility using our global network. Verify that your users in South Africa can access your content, just like users closer to home.

How Our Availability Tests Can Improve Your Business

When you run a social microblogging network, keeping abreast of your network availability can be challenging. State-run firewalls can be capricious, and it's hard to know if your site is available locally without being on the ground (or receiving a slurry of grumpy tweets). Where's It Up's http and ping tests let you check your sites' availability programmatically, requesting your homepage from servers in China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Pakistan, so you're the first to know when the firewalls have kicked in and your page is down.

Availability Diagnostic Tests


Make an HTTP HEAD or GET request, and return the response code, and HTTP headers


Ping a hostname, and return ping statistics and packet loss.