DNS Testing

Our DNS monitoring provides global domain insight, performing tests from around the world to ensure accurate DNS records. Diagnose TTL problems or confirm the details for that new IPv6 address.

How Our DNS Tests Can Improve Your Business

Your user base is expanding, which is great, but means that you need to upgrade your hosting solution. Most of your users are in Spanish-speaking regions, and you're not. How can you make sure that the solution you pick meets your users needs in both Europe and the Americas?

Where's It Up's nametime test lets you determine the fastest DNS provider for Argentina, Spain, and Puerto Rico, helping you to make informed decisions before committing to a new solution. Running the same tests hourly provides peace of mind, ensuring that the new host stays speedy for users around the globe.

DNS Diagnostic Tests


Perform a dig, and return results from global nameservers.


Perform a host lookup, and return IP address and mail server details.


Make a nametime request, and return DNS resolution timing details.