Speed tests provide concrete metrics for page load time and large file delivery speeds from our global edge endpoints. Performance is key, and the speed tests let you make informed changes to tune your site.

How Our Speed Tests Can Improve Your Business

You know your site is fast in Mountain View, where you have fibre and sit 100 feet away from the servers, but most of your users aren't in Mountain View. Most of them aren't in the US! Google's PageSpeed results are great, but they're not going to tell you how fast your page loads in Uganda or Australia.

Folding a Where's It Up fast test into your monitoring suite can help you keep tabs on the new global market. Rather than reassuring yourself that if it's fast at home, it's probably fast elsewhere, you can monitor page load speed from fifty locations every fifteen minutes, keeping your metrics international, and your page speed obsession well-fed.

Speed Diagnostic Tests


Load a website, and return load-time details for each resource on the page.


Download a large file, and return detailed timing data.